Standards and Criteria for Selecting Projects

When deciding whether to pursue a proposed project, we evaluate it against these criteria to determine whether it falls within the scope of our mission.

strategic applicability

Addresses a priority academic concern of the California State University and is consistent with the purpose and the values of the Integrated Technology Strategy.

quality and quantity of learning

Has a high probability of improving the quality of learning in clearly definable ways, and/or will increase access to learning opportunities for a significant number of learners.

multicampus participation

Involves significant, active participation of persons from multiple campuses in planning, implementing, managing and evaluating project activities.

resource leveraging

Uses new funding as a means of attracting additional investment from other sources, e.g., redeployment of institutional resources, grants, fund raising. (Note: normal operating expenditures historically associated with continuing aspects of the project do not qualify as leverage for this purpose.)

timely results

Provides early and continuous, measurable benefits.


Can be accomplished within existing institutional, technological and financial needs and constraints, including timeframe and potential growth.


Can be implemented in a way that provides for ongoing discussion and validation of the approaches taken.


Is planned and developed once, is shared or implemented on multiple campuses, and is adaptable for use by multiple disciplines.


Can be supported through existing, stable sources of funding and approval processes, and can deal effectively with the problems of technical obsolescence and need for continuous quality improvement.


Provides academic, operational and financial measures and metrics for monitoring the achievement of the project's objectives and outcomes.