Promising Practices

These are some of our process notes. We hope you find them helpful.

How To

Using Scenarios to Gather Requirements (PDF Handout | PowerPoint Presentation)
These are the materials for a workshop developed and presented by Rachel S. Smith. The PDF guide explains how to write personas and scenarios and how to use them to derive project requirements.

Writing Requirements Documents (Web Page)
This web page accompanies the workshop of the same name developed and presented by Rachel S. Smith. Resources on the page include a template for a requirements document and all workshop materials.

Developing Courses: Web Publishing (PDF Handout)
It’s the first day of class. You have your syllabus prepared, printed, and copied. Just as you’re about to hand it to your students, you glance down and realize that your office hours are incorrect... or the course reader has been omitted from the list of books... or the first topic of discussion has a typo. Has this ever happened to you? Now imagine having one master copy of your syllabus. Whenever you changed it, your students’ copies would change too. Sounds like a dream? When you post your course materials on the world wide web, a master copy like this is easy to maintain and update.

Interface Design for Educational Multimedia (PDF Handout)
One of the most exciting parts of the software development process is designing the part of the software that users will see and interact with. The interface is the visible personality of the software. It bridges the gap between the programming that makes the software work and the human using the software. This guide describes the software development process, including the interface design phase. Interface design is not an isolated task. It is only a part of the process of product design, and every phase of that process affects every other phase. This guide places interface design in the context of software development.

Concepts of Interface Design for Web-Based Delivery (PDF Handout)
This document includes an introduction to the key concepts of interface design for web-based delivery. It covers design considerations, web-specific limitations and capabilities, storyboarding, mockup creation and simple pre-production testing methods.

Process Diagrams

Development Process Map
This diagram illustrates the process we use for project development, from defining the problem to creating a working prototype.

Development Team Structure
A diagram of our preferred project team structure, showing team roles and responsibilities.

Other Information

Standards and Criteria for Selecting Projects
These are the guidelines we use when deciding whether or not a proposed project falls within the scope of the Center's mission.