Ensuring Access through Collaboration and Technology (EnACT) is a federally-funded grant project. It distinguishes itself as a model demonstration project in that it provides new and beginning faculty across the California State University (CSU) system with a comprehensive model of professional development that focuses on the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). While faculty at postsecondary institutions have expertise in their respective content areas, many have not received training and support focused on effective instructional strategies. EnACT offers faculty participants a series of professional development activities that support their understanding and implementation of UDL at the post-secondary level. UDL encourages faculty to consider three main principles, including how they Represent their course content, how they Engage students in the learning process and how they offer students varied way to Express what they have learned. UDL allows faculty to consider these principles to the benefit of all students including students with disabilities.

In 2008, the California State University's Accessible Technology Initiative honored EnACT with the Special ATI Partnership Award.

In 2011 EnACT was migrated to a new design and technology platform which CDL no longer maintains. Click the link on the left to go the the current site.