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CATS is a community that serves academic technology goals through collaboration.



An event planning tool to help CSU Faculty Development Directors organize events and share materials.

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Note: CDL's Pachyderm server will be decommissioned on Dec 12, 2014

A multimedia authoring tool for people with little or no multimedia authoring experience.

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CSU Success

Students, parents and counselors learn about CSU entry level exams and how to satisfy requirements.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Through conferences, technology forums, and grants, the CDL provides faculty and staff opportunities to expand and share their talents, deepen their expertise, and develop their leadership skills.

Development of Digital Content

Development of Digital Content

The CDL has developed easy-to-use, online simulations that facilitate the teaching and learning process, as well as easy-to-use, multi-media authoring tools that faculty can use to present content in creative ways.

Foundational Skills

Foundational Skills

The CDL has created websites and tools that assist students in assessing and increasing their understanding of English and mathematics.

e-Learning Framework

e-Learning Framework

CDL projects include virtual repositories of learning materials, images and tools, and community sites where faculty can share and collaborate with peers in their specific domains.